Lidl shopper reveals how they made a huge £90 per week saving with a simple swap | Personal Finance

From paying for heating bills to covering the rent or meeting mortgage payments, making ends meet can seem like a tricky task at times. However, some savvy shoppers have shared some insight into how they manage to make their money go further each week.

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For one household, that has meant making a simple lifestyle swap – leaving them with an extra £90 a week on average.

Writing on Mumsnet back in 2018, the user “Cath2907” revealed they had been spending more than they had liked to on their weekly shopping, and needed to save some money.

In order to do so, this shopper decided to switch where they did their grocery shopping each month.

“For a family of three (two adults and a seven year old) it was costing me close to £150/week in Tesco,” they wrote.

“I swapped to Lidl and now spend £60/week.”

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Lidl and calculator in pictures

Lidl and Aldi are well-known for their offers (Image: GETTY)

While the majority of the shopping may now be done at Lidl, the Mumsnet user explained that they do still revert to their former go-to store in order to pick up certain items.

“I still have to pop to Tesco once in a while to buy a few things we like that Lidl doesn’t stock but it is still a HUGE saving,” they explained.

The Mumsnet user explained that the savings weren’t necessarily all due to a difference in the prices of products.

Rather, swapping where they shop has meant they kicked the habit of picking up items that weren’t going to be consumed or required.

They explained: “Some of it is cheaper products but most of it is less of the tempting stuff I used to buy that we’d not eat or didn’t need.”

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Meanwhile, another Mumsnet user explained how they managed to stick to a budget of around £300 each month, for a household of six people (two adults, two children, a toddler with allergies, and a four-month old) as well as a dog.

This budget – which works out at around £75 each week – includes toiletries and cleaning products, as well as nappies, and two takeaways each month.

The thrifty shopper, who goes by the name of “BlueTrousers” on the website, listed one of their tips as: “Plan plan plan.”

Another is to have money for groceries stored in a separate place.

“Have designated food money,” they suggested. “We have a separate bank card where I transfer the food budget for the month on payday and when it’s gone it’s gone.

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Lidl: The shopper explained that they had managed to cut costs on their weekly shop (Image: GETTY)


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“Have a designated spot where you keep food you can throw together for when things go off plan,” they also shared, as well as getting into a routine of cooking once, and saving leftovers for another mealtime.

“Always know what you have in,” they added. “Freeze everything, nothing goes to waste around here.”

Another word of advice is to not shop hungry, and the savvy spender also suggested that people shouldn’t be a “brand snob”.

For some, meal planning is not always the key, as “Adversecamber22” revealed.

They explained that they tend to spend around £100 a week, and this includes one takeaway, covering two adults and one teenager.


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Lidl is among a number of the UK’s best-known supermarkets (Image: EXPRESS)

The shopper tends to purchase their groceries from Sainsbury’s, but also will pick up items at M&S, Aldi, and Iceland.

“We eat exceptionally well because I go in to Sainsbury’s three times a week on the way home from my course. It’s as they are reducing stuff, so I buy a lot of stuff half price or even less. 

“Got a joint of beef reduced from 11 to 5 last week. So I never meal plan, ever. So if they have lots of avocados I will make guacamole. 

“I buy frozen fish and veg from Iceland and get the free delivery, on the rare occasion Sainsbury’s has nothing I want it’s tuna or cod from the freezer. 

“I do it this way as I have lots of spare time and I like the spur of the moment of it all.”