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Going to the cinema is a simple pleasure that shouldn’t be extravagant or too expensive. However, many cinema tickets can be truly extortionate, leading many people to only go when an offer is available. Reddit user “repspls” provided insight on how people may receive two-for-one tickets by taking advantage of insurance incentives.

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They said: “Compare the market offer an incentive when buying insurance that is a 2 for 1 on cinema tickets on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and 2 for 1 meals from selected restaurants on most days (some restaurants exclude weekends).

“You can get access to the incentive by making any purchase.

“If you purchase travel insurance for a trip you don’t even plan to go on you will still be eligible. I purchased a travel insurance policy to go to Wales for £1 and now I have access to 2 for 1 cinema and meals for the whole year.”

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Everyday expenses can really hamper a persons ability to save (Image: GETTY)


Inflation has made a lot of smaller purchases much more expensive (Image: GETTY )

“For the price of £1, even if you were to use it just once in the whole year you’ll still save around £10.”

The post received many responses and some people highlighted how expensive cinema trips can be for film fans.

As “whyynotryyy” explained: “If you go to the cinema at least twice a month it’s much cheaper to just get limitless.

“I myself see 3-8 movies a month so it’s a no brainer, but it pays off if you go upwards of two times. It’s 19.99 (including London) or 17.99 (everywhere else) to go to any film, at any ODEON, anytime.”

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“Some of the regular tickets in London will run you £15-£35 quid (no joke, saw that price for a Marvel movie at Leicester Sq once) so this means ridiculous savings for any film buff. (As a big fan of going to the cinema solo, this is better for me cause there’s no 2 for 1 involved)”

Most people within the group focused on membership schemes and how they can save money but one user highlighted a unique method that saved them money.

User “AC_Messiah” provided insight on how one of the country’s biggest supermarkets could save cinema-goers hundreds of pounds:

Loyalty cards

Taking advantage of certain loyalty or reward cards can be beneficial (Image: GETTY)


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“I can also highly recommend Tesco Clubcard points.

“I buy my petrol and food at Tesco (using their current account card for 2x points).

“I end up with about £200 worth of free cinema a year from this, and you can go any day (Cineworld). I hadn’t thought to combine it with meerkat meals too…it probably works.”

Saving tips like this could be received very favourably by many in the UK.


Cash savings

Many are keen to save money wherever possible (Image: GETTY)

Official figures from the Office for National Statistics detail that average weekly wages in the UK have only now surpassed pre-financial crisis levels. That means that wages have been struggling for over a decade.

All the while inflation has continued to rise, with it currently sitting at 1.8 percent. Many people on low incomes will be keeping an eye on what support will be given in the upcoming budget.

The budget for 2020 will be laid out on the 11th and there is much within it that remains a mystery.

However, a few changes have already been confirmed by the government and these include raises to minimum wage, state pension increases and changes to the tax system.