Money saving tips: Tesco shopper saves £150 a month with simple trick | Personal Finance

From picking up lunch or dinner on the go to splashing out on some extra treats during the weekly shop, splurging is something which can be very easy to do. But, while food may be among a number of essential outgoings each week, it could be possible to cut costs.

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This is what one savvy shopper has managed to do – having slashed her monthly food bill form £220 to just £67.65.

Kayleigh Murray, 24, from Monmouthshire, decided to set herself and her partner Perry, 29, the challenge of completing a monthly food shop for under £100.

Speaking to money saving community, she said: “My partner and I came up with the idea to set ourselves a challenge.

“As long as it was under £100 we would be happy, as previously we were spending on average £220 a month.

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Money saving tips: Savvy shoppers in pictures

Money saving tips: The savvy shoppers (pictured) began shopping online – helping them to resist buying deals (Image: LATESTDEALS.CO.UK • KAYLEIGH MURRAY)

“We want to save money as we are planning a wedding and I need money to be able to get a car as I’m learning to drive.”

In order to make the radical reductions in their monthly spending, Kayleigh decided to create extensive meal plans and shopping lists.

Not only upping her organisation, the move was intended to also cut the temptation of impulse buying.

“I just sat down and thought of different meal ideas with my partner,” she explained.

“We were eating a lot of processed food last year and I didn’t want to eat like that anymore. I wanted to eat a bit healthier.

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“I wanted to make meal plans and shopping lists to cut down costs and food waste and to maintain a healthier lifestyle.”

Kayleigh also found shopping online enabled the pair to reduce the temptation of buying products they didn’t need just because they were on special offer.

“We do our shopping online at Tesco and we find it much better than going into store as when we were going into the store we were picking up things we didn’t actually need and wasting a lot of money,” she said.

“It’s so easily done as you think, ‘Look that’s on offer’, but online we only look for the stuff we need and we also opted for cheaper alternatives because at the end of the day everything is practically the same.

“I have such a passion for cooking – I love it when we have a bit of everything left and I just throw loads of stuff together and hope for the best, but it always turns out delicious.

Money saving tips: Woman with money in pictures

Money saving tips: A savvy shopper (not pictured) has saved a huge amount of money each month (Image: GETTY)


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“I can remember when we literally had no money and all we had was pasta and sauces and chorizo and cheese but it was one of the nicest meals we’ve had. My partner always says to me that I can make a meal out of anything and always make it tasty!”

Having saved £150 on their monthly budget, Kayleigh has shared her own money saving tips.

She said: “My tips to people would be to shop online and make a meal plan first. Check what you already have in your cupboards and freezer as you will be surprised how many meals you can make out of the stuff you already have in.

“If you’d rather go into store, then take a list and stick to your list. Portion control your meals as well and stop buying junk food as we don’t actually need it.

“My monthly food shop is under now £70 a month but with toiletries, washing products, dog food and cat food we spend just under £100 a month whereas before we were spending about £220.”


Money saving tips: Meal plan week 1

Money saving tips: Kayleigh explained she has made a number of weekly meal plans to cut costs (Image: LATESTDEALS.CO.UK • KAYLEIGH MURRAY)

As well as seeing savings on their bank allowance, Kayleigh revealed there was another knock-on effect.

Kayleigh revealed: “I have lost three stone from eating healthier and walking.”

Now, the savvy saver shares her recipes and meal plans on her own Facebook page “Cooking On A Low Budget”, hoping to inspire others to be able to cut down the price of their monthly shop and to cook healthier recipes.

Tom Church, Co-founder of, says: “Being organised around food can feel tricky if you’re pressed for time, but as Kayleigh shows, making a few lists, recipes and meal plans can pay dividends when it comes to slashing the cost of your monthly shop.

“Before diving into the meal plans, look what food you already have in your freezer and cupboards, then plan ahead to avoid wasting money you don’t need to spend on food you might already have!”