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Vanguard said that the SIPP, launched yesterday, is designed to cut the “cost and complexity” of saving for retirement. Initially, the SIPP is available to those who are building up their pension savings.

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Drawdown capabilities for those who want to take payments from their pensions will be added in due course.

Details about this personal pension were unveiled by Vanguard back in December.

It includes a low account fee of 0.15 percent per year, capped at £375. It also has no hidden investing charges.

On top of the account fee, investors will pay fees for the funds in which they invest within their pension, and also fund transaction costs – plus fees if the individual uses Vanguard’s optional quote and deal service for ETFs.

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Pension UK: Woman looking at finances and calculator

Pension UK: Vanguard launched the ‘lowest-cost SIPP on market’ on Tuesday (Image: GETTY)

Pension UK: Person looking at finances

Pension UK: Vanguard says there are no hidden investing charges with this SIPP (Image: GETTY)

However, Vanguard says there are no other fees.

According to Platform data and analysis as at November 2019, this SIPP is the lowest-cost self-invested personal pension on the market for the average (median) British pension holder who has not yet drawn on their pension.

The cap applies across all accounts in an investor’s name on the Vanguard Personal Investor platform, including the SIPP, ISA, and general account.

With the SIPP, people can invest from £100 a month – or with an initial lump sum of £500.

The company offers pension savers the choice from its full range of more than 75 low-cost funds.

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This is in addition to the range of ready-made portfolios designed for retirement.

Vanguard SIPP: Who is eligible?

To apply for a Vanguard Personal Pension, a person will need to be at least 18 years old.

They will also need to be a UK resident for tax purposes, and provide proof of identity.

Pension UK: Person looking at finances

Pension UK: Details about the Vanguard SIPP were first released in December 2019 (Image: GETTY)


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Most investment platforms charge a fee to use their services.

According to an independent analysis by investment information company Platform, the industry average is around 0.35 percent of assets.

Eligibility to invest in a Vanguard Personal Pension does depend on individual circumstances.


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Pension UK: Some people may be looking to invest in a SIPP for their future (Image: GETTY)

Vanguard also points out that pension and tax rules may change in the future, and the value of investments can go down as well as up – meaning there is a risk a person may get back less than they invested.

Usually, it’s not possible to access pension savings or make any withdrawals until the age of 55.

Under current rules, a person is able to invest up to £40,000 per year under their annual pension allowance.

Should savings in a pension pot exceed 100 percent of earnings in a year, the lifetime allowance of £1,055,000, or the annual allowance of £40,000 a year, then a person will usually pay tax.