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State pension age changes have meant 1950s women are waiting up to six years longer before being able to claim after it was increased to 65 to be the same as men. The State Pension age is rising to 66 by October 2020 and starts increasing again from 2026 and will be 67 for all by 2028. During this time 1950s women are encouraged to find work as WASPI’s communications director Debbie de Spon detailed one member is forced to work on an oil rig.

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Speaking to, Ms de Spon said: “Women do find work but often it’s work that isn’t comparable to what they were doing before.

“They’ve had to take lesser jobs or they’ve had to take on more physical work than they would have done previously.

“There’s one woman who contacted us to say that the only job she could take was to work as a cleaner on the accommodation block of an oil rig offshore.

“And she would go offshore for two weeks at a time and leave her family and that was the only work she could find.

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State pension age changes have harshly impacted 1950s women (Image: GETTY )

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State pension age changes have meant 1950s women are waiting up to six years before claiming (Image: GETTY )

“There are women who are trying to seek work and who are suffering from sanctions if they don’t comply to what the job centres are offering them to do.

“I had a call the other day, a woman of 62 who had been told by the job centra she must attend an IT course.

“She had never worked on a computer and to send someone of that age who doesn’t necessarily have any aptitude to computers on a course like that for a job that she will probably never get because there are younger people with far better skills than she’s got.

“It sent her into a state of anxiety, she already suffered from anxiety and depression and it made her worse.”

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State pension will increase again to 65 by October 2020 and 66 by 2028 (Image: GETTY )

WASPI’s finance director and chair, Angela Madden also revealed how one 1950s woman is forced to live with her ex-husband after more than 15 years apart.

She told “We have one woman in our group and she’s had to move back in with her husband that she divorced over 15 years ago because she couldn’t afford to live on her own.

“There’s other women where that’s happened to them as well and that puts women in a very vulnerable position.

“She’s relying on somebody she chose not to rely on when she had that choice.


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“Some women are in very vulnerable positions and some just struggle along and get through it.”

WASPI (Women Against State Pension Inequality) are campaigning for compensation to be given to 1950s women who were treated unfairly by the pension age change.

While the WASPI campaign supports the principle of equalisation of the state pension age, it does not agree with the way in which the changes were implemented, arguing they were not given sufficient notice about the changes.

Campaigners of the increase in state pension age challenged the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) with a judicial review, which took place last year.

They argued that rising their state pension age “unlawful discriminated against them on the grounds of age, sex and age and sex combined”.