Tesco UK: Retailer slashes prices on hundreds of products in bid to match Aldi prices | Personal Finance

Tesco shoppers could see their money go further than usual, as the retailer has launched its Aldi Price Match. Aldi has become well-known across the UK as a go-to spot for picking up a bargain.

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And now, Tesco is hoping savvy shoppers will opt to purchase the supermarket’s own-brand products – rather than heading to the rival retailer.

Selected products will see their price points be dropped under the initiative, to match the prices of similar items sold at Aldi.

Hundreds of Tesco products will be called out online and easily identified in-store by a red Aldi Price Match bubble.

It will include a variety of household favourites, including avocados, orange juice, baked beans, bread and beef mince.

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Tesco UK and Aldi in pictures

Tesco UK: Tesco has dropped prices on hundreds of its products (Image: GETTY)

Starting from today – Thursday, March 5 – the product prices will be checked against Aldi, with the supermarket checking the prices in the competitors’ stores twice per week in England, Wales and Scotland.

The discounted products will be available in-store, as well as online.

Alessandra Bellini, Tesco Chief Customer Officer, said: “Our customers tell us they want the most competitive prices on the things they buy regularly.

“This campaign will help time-poor and budget savvy customers get Tesco products at Aldi prices on products that matter to them.”

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Among the deals will be selected tinned products, fruit and vegetables, and meats.

This includes Tesco Lean Beef Steak Mince five percent for £1.99, Tesco Greek Style Yogurt selling at 69p, and Tesco Ready to Eat Large Avocados – which will cost 95p.

Stockwell & Co Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce will cost 22p, Tesco said, while Tesco Pre Pack Broccoli will come in at 57p.

A spokesperson for Aldi has said: “Our promise to our customers is they will always pay the lowest prices on every product we sell.

“It’s why millions of shoppers continue to switch to Aldi from our more expensive competitors, including Tesco.

“Aldi customers are guaranteed to make significant savings every time they shop with us.”

Tesco products in Aldi Price March initiative

Tesco has slashed prices on products under its new Aldi Price March initiative (Image: TESCO)


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When looking to save money, many may look to their weekly spending habits on groceries in order to see if they can make any changes.

Some people have shared their experience of the thrifty swaps they’ve made in order to make money go further.

Mumsnet user “Cath2907” revealed back in 2018 that they had been spending more than they would’ve liked on weekly shopping, and wanted to save cash.

To do this, the shopper swapped their go-to supermarket for a typically cheaper retailer, and managed to cut costs by £90 per week.


Tesco and Aldi in share of UK grocery market spend chart

Tesco had a 26.4% share of UK grocery market spend based on 12 weeks up to August 10, 2019 (Image: EXPRESS)

“For a family of three (two adults and a seven year old) it was costing me close to £150/week in Tesco,” they wrote.

“I swapped to Lidl and now spend £60/week.”

However, this shopper still reverts to their previous typical supermaket in order to pick up some items.

They explained: “I still have to pop to Tesco once in a while to buy a few things we like that Lidl doesn’t stock but it is still a HUGE saving.”