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Covering living costs can be a struggle for many people, with a survey – conducted by Creditfix.co.uk and published in The UK Spending Report – of 1,000 UK adults finding that 63 percent of Britons spend an average of 46 years of their adult life in debt. Worryingly, today, more than 14 million people in the UK – one in five – live in poverty.

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This includes 3.5 million children, the charity Turn2us has said.

The charity’s 2020 report Living Without: The Scale and Impact of Appliance Poverty highlights the scale and impact of appliance poverty in the UK.

Research has found that today, more than 4.8 million people are living without at least one essential household appliance – including more than 1.9 million people living without a cooker, and 900,000 people living without a fridge.

For those who are in need of financial help, it’s possible to use a benefits calculator online to check one’s entitlement.

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Turn2us grant search: Empty purse and calculator

Turn2us hosts a grant search tool and benefit calculator on its website (Image: GETTY)

The government website signposts a number of these, hosted by Turn2us, Policy in Practice, and entitledto.

The Living Without campaign report also looks at current support for people living without basic household essentials, and highlights cash grants available from grant-making charities.

Turn2us surveyed 101 grant-making organisations in spring 2019, finding their combined grant-making power totalled £31million per year – with around 28 percent of this being spent on essential appliances (£8.7million).

The charity’s website hosts a Grant Search tool, and this can be used to find out whether the user is eligible for certain charitable funds.

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Many charities offer individuals on low incomes non-repayable grants, and to be eligible, they must meet particular rules.

Turn2us explains that this may be based on a person’s location, age, gender, current or past jobs, or health condition.

It may be that some funds are based on details of a person’s partner, ex-partner, or dependent children.

In order to do a search via this tool, the user needs to fill out some details, and this may include their postcode, their gender, and their age.

Turn2us: Empty purse

Turn2us grant search users can input some details in order to check for grants (Image: GETTY)


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There is also a section to share further details in the specified sections and doing this may mean a person could get more results, Turn2us states.

Dawn Jackson, Head of Grants at Turn2us, said: “Anyone struggling with money may be eligible for a grant.

“There are thousands of grant giving charities in the UK that award millions of pounds to people who need cash every year.

“For example, there are grants for people who worked in retail, people whose partners worked in hospitality, vegetarians, dyslexics, and even ex-racing drivers.


Universal Credit rollout across UK in map

Universal Credit is being rolled out across the UK, and will replace six legacy benefits (Image: EXPRESS)

“Grants can help you with costs like buying a new fridge, settling debts or purchasing disability equipment.

“They are a great source for financial relief for people who are struggling – as they don’t ever need to be paid back.

“We urge anyone to use the Grant Search to see if they are eligible for a grant before they think about taking out a loan or getting into another form of debt.”