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Universal Credit is a six-in-one benefits system which is replacing Child Tax Credit, Housing Benefit, Income Support, income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA), income-related Employment and Support Allowance (ESA), Working Tax Credit. A pilot scheme is currently taking place in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, for the movement of existing legacy benefits claimants onto Universal Credit.

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The gov.uk website currently tells existing legacy benefits that they do not need to do anything, unless the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) contacts them about moving onto the payment, or they have a change of circumstances they need to report.

Guidance on the government website explains the steps which a person must follow in order to claim Universal Credit.

First of all, this is checking that the applicant is eligible.

Then, a person needs to create an account and make a claim.

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Universal Credit sign and job centre plus in pictures

Universal Credit is a payment which may be claimed in order to help with living costs (Image: GETTY)

“You need an online account to claim Universal Credit,” the website states.

Once a person has created an account, they must submit the claim within 28 days.

The website says that a person needs to apply for Universal Credit online, and a claimant must apply as a couple if they and their partner live together – but they do not need to be married.

After submitting a claim, it may be that claimants wish to check their account, and this can be done by logging in online.

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A person can log in to their Universal Credit account online via the government website.

The page that a person needs to head to is the “Sign in to your Universal Credit account” page.

Here, it says that a person can sign in to the Universal Credit account in order to do a number of things.

Universal Credit UK roll out in map

Universal Credit UK: A pilot scheme is currently taking place in Harrogate for the ‘managed migration’ process (Image: EXPRESS)


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This includes:

Applying for an advance on the first paymentSeeing the statementReporting a change in circumstancesAdding a note to one’s journalSeeing one’s to-do listSeeing when their next payment will beSeeing the Claimant Commitment


Universal Credit: JobCentre Plus in pictures

Universal Credit is replacing six types of benefits known as legacy benefits (Image: GETTY)

Gov.uk says that a person should use the username and password they set up when they applied for Universal Credit.

The claimant can ask for a reminder if they are no longer sure what this is.

Should a person be in need of financial support, they can use an independent calculator to find out what benefits they could get, how to claim, and how their benefits would be affected if they start work.

A number of these are signposted on the Gov.uk website, and they include calculators hosted by Turn2us, Policy in Practice, and entitledto.