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WINTER fuel payment is a benefit from the government that can help  heating bills. The benefit is only available for a small proportion of the public and it is one offered between certain months of the year. The deadline for this year’s payments is fast approaching.

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Winter fuel payment is usually given automatically if the claimant is eligible.

This payment is only available for people born on or before 5 April 1954. They also need to have lived in the UK for at least one day during the week of 16 to 22 September 2019 – which is known as the qualifying week.

On top of this, the claimant will also need to be receiving state pension or other social security benefit not including housing benefit, council tax reduction, child benefit or universal credit.

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The deadline for winter fuel payments is quickly approaching (Image: GETTY)

winter energy bills

Those who receive the support will likely be less stressed about energy bills (Image: GETTY)

There are some instances where a person will be eligible for the payment but they may not receive it automatically.

In these situations, a manual claim will need to be put through.

The payments should automatically cover November and December, with the corresponding money arriving by 13 January 2020.

While this date has passed, it is still possible to claim the payment.

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There is a deadline in place for claimant payments for winter 2019 to 2020.

The final date for eligible claims is 31 March 2020, meaning there is less than a month available to put through a request.

The specific amount received will depend on individual circumstances during the qualifying week.

It’s also important to note that the money received is tax-free and it will not affect other benefits.

Debt levels

This supportive payment will be welcome for many who may be struggling (Image: EXPRESS)


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The circumstances are split into four parts. The first circumstance is that the person applying lives alone and is eligible.

In this case, they will receive either £200 if they were born between 23 September 1939 and 5 April 1954. Otherwise, they will receive £300 if they’re born on or before 22 September 1939.

These rules on date of birth remain the same for the following circumstances.

The second circumstance is the person qualifies and lives with someone under 80 who also qualifies. In this case they will receive either £100 or £200.



The winter fuel payment will not affect other benefits (Image: EXPRESS)

The third circumstance is that the person applying qualifies and lives with someone over 80 who also qualifies. Here, either £100 or £150 will be received. The final circumstance involves the person qualifying while living in a care home but not receiving certain benefits.

£100 or £150 will be given to people falling into this bracket. So long as the person qualifies, they’ll receive a letter telling them how much they’ll be paid and what the estimated payment date will be.

The government detail that as the payment date of the 13th of January has now passed the relevant office will need to be contacted. Late claimers have a couple of options. A first time claim can be done over the phone and there is a winter fuel payment centre in place to handle these calls.

Claims can also be done by post but this will likely take more time to process, which will be an issue as the deadline date quickly approaches.