Aston Martin pledges no back-dated Brexit price hikes provided cars ordered before March 29

Aston Martin has taken a sideswipe at German-rival Porsche by pledging not to hit customers with a big backdated Brexit price-hike surcharge on its supercars.

Providing orders on its core cars are received before Brexit is scheduled takes place on March 29 the British luxury sports-car make will honour current prices globally, it insists.

The guarantee will hold across the world for the current core Aston Martin models: Vantage from £120,900, DB11 from £147,900, and DBS Superleggera from £225,000 and Rapide AMR from £194,950.

The £250k to £300k Aston Martin Vanquish Vision shown at Geneva this week (not yet on sale)

The company has put aside a £30million contingency fund to deal with any difficulties caused by a ‘no deal’.

Dr Palmer noted: ’We are ready for Brexit in whatever form it comes. We are planning for the worst which is a ‘no deal’ Brexit. But we are hoping for the best which is now Prime Minister Theresa May’s deal.’

He said the firm had had two years to prepare and plan. He wanted free and frictionless trade and no tariffs. But if tariffs were imposed, they could cope better than volume producers.

Last month Aston Martin saw its shares fall 20 per cent after announcing a £68m loss in 2018 – its first full year of results after a Stock Market flotation – on which it spent £136million to secure.