Cheapest deals for the new Samsung Galaxy S10, S10e and S10+ models

Samsung has announced the arrival of the hotly anticipated Galaxy S10, S10e, S10+ and S10 5G variant, which are all due to be released on Friday 8 March.

The smartphones are already available to pre-order and have created quite a buzz – not least because the price for an S10+ can reach a whopping £1,399.

All of the phones are expected to be top sellers as the Galaxy S9, the most recent model, accounted for 34 per cent of all Samsung sales in 2018.

This is Money, with data from Broadband Choices, has compiled a list of the best deals for the S10, S10e and S10+.

The new Samsung phones are available to buy outright, on monthly contract and on Sim-only

Best Sim-only deals 

Customers can get a Sim only deal with iD mobile who are offering a £10 monthly cost. This comes with unlimited calls, 500 minutes and 8GB of data. 

Those buying any of the new Samsung models with iD mobile will also be given an extra 50GB of data added to their plan, meaning the Data Boost will automatically kick in whether the customer reaches their monthly data allowance.

On a Galaxy S10 24 month contract, this equates to 2.08GB extra data per month.

Any customer pre-ordering a Galaxy S10 or S10+ between February 20 and March 7 will also be able to claim a free pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds, with the wireless earphones usually worth £139. 

Voxi are also offering a Sim only deal but that will cost double the iD deal, at £20 a month. However, it comes with a much higher amount of data at 45GB.  

Trading in your old Samsung 

It has been advised that those who are looking to upgrade their current Samsung to one of the newer models, sell their device as soon as possible as older handsets could lose up to 35 per cent of their value once the S10 is available.

Galaxy S9 owners can expect to earn £300 if they trade their device in now, according to Music Magpie, with those looking to trade in the S9+ earning a potential £340.

Once the S10 is on the market, these figures are set to decrease dramatically so by trading-in as soon as possible consumers can ensure they are getting the highest possible amount for their handset.

Or you could wait…  

Those who are willing to wait a while before getting their hands on the newest models could save themselves a substantial amount of money.  

Research from Idealo, a price comparison site, has predicted that prices of the S10 will fall significantly after just a couple of months.

The new phone is predicted to fall by 20 per cent after just three months, based on the price drops seen in the few months after the launch of the Samsung Galaxy 8 and 9’s, falling from £799 to £639.

After just two months, there is expected to be a drop of 15 per cent, with the cost of the device looking to fall to £683. 

Those who are even more patient and can wait a year could save 33 per cent on the cost of the device – which is predicted to fall from £799 to £535.