Flood capitals of Britain revealed: Hull takes top spot

Hull has been named as the flood capital of Britain for the second year running.

An average of 7.5 per cent of properties in the East Yorkshire city have flooded previously, according to analysis of 1.25million home insurance quotes from 2018.

It is followed by Carlisle, Cumbria, at 3.5 per cent and Lancaster, Lancashire at 2.7 per cent. 

The report on the most flood-prone locations, published by MoneySupermarket, found that 0.7 per cent of homes in Britain, on average, have flooded previously. 

An average of 3.5% of houses in Carlisle in Cumbria have flooded previously

There are steps you can take to help keep you your home safe in the event of a storm. They include: 

1. Get advanced warnings: The Environment Agency sends free flood warnings to you directly by phone, text or email.

2. Prevention is better than cure: Flood resistant doors and windows mean that there’s less chance of water entering your house. 

Block air bricks and other places where water might get in to your property.

3. Protect your possessions: If flooding is looking likely, take any valuables upstairs as soon as possible and turn off your gas, electricity and water supplies. 

Don’t enter standing water if your electricity supply is on, and don’t drink tap water until you’re given the all-clear by the authorities.

4. Keep your insurance policy to hand and take pictures: Contact your insurer as soon as possible and tell them your home has been flooded. 

Take pictures of any damage to your home and its contents, as this could provide support for an insurance claim.