Meet the millennial who built multi-million pound Carpet Runners business

Millennial business brains are proving they don’t always rely on older generations for help –  new research shows nearly half of entrepreneurs under 35 have at least one other job alongside running their company.

It shows that while getting a new business up and running, many continue to work their day job in a bid to make sure they can fund their new venture.  

Having the power to decide your own hours as well as having both independence and flexibility means that many millennials are drawn to starting up their own business, according to a new study conducted by online giant eBay.  

Myles Shaw is one successful millennial who runs two businesses with a turnover of more than £4million a year, proving that many under 35s work hard for their achievements. 

Myles has given tips on how to succeed

Myles gives his tips for millennials looking to start up their own company.

‘The most important thing is to do something you enjoy or find fulfilment in. 

‘We spend so many hours at work a day that it isn’t worth being miserable.

‘It’s also really important to identify a niche in the market – I was working in flooring and spotted that no one was selling made-to-measure carpet runners on eBay. 

‘It reminded me that there’s always opportunities available.

‘Once you’ve decided what you want to do, the main thing is to work hard to ensure you’re delivering consistently for your clients or customers. 

‘Yes, it’s hard work, but nothing worth having comes easily. 

‘It’s eight years after I started Carpet Runners and I’m still in my early thirties, but it means I can provide for my family, work the hours that suit me, and live the life I’ve always wanted.’