Mobility scooter SCAM ALERT | The Crusader

John Roberts

Almost scam victim John Roberts tell us about his close shave to warn others (Image: Getty)

It certainly caught silver surfer John Roberts’ eye. But all our warnings about “if something seems to good to be true then it usually is” kicked in and he resisted getting out his bank card.

As an almost, but not quite, scam victim John alerted us about his close shave and to warn others.

A quick trawl of this type of mobility aid online shows the very cheapest is still around £400 and they are usually in the £1,000 – £4,000 bracket. 

A day after John spotted the ad it disappeared.

close shave

John is now constantly pestered by emails urging him to ‘complete his purchase’ (Image: NC)

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++ If you’ve been affected by this issue or feel you’ve been a victim of injustice, please contact consumer champion Maisha Frost on [email protected] ++; 

The links were variously to Chicago and Colorado based domains.

When we tried to click on, access was  denied. 

But scams like this always reappear and John keeps being pestered now by emails, he says, urging him to “complete his purchase”.

“It’s so easy to get carried away,” he said. “I hope this experience can help protect others.”