Takeaway wars: Who is eating who in the food ordering space and can Just Eat deliver?

The takeaway war is on. 

Tech giants from Amazon to Uber are muscling in on the food ordering and delivery space – each vying to be the middle-man between your local restaurant and your plate.

Forget kitchen drawers overflowing with takeaway menus. Consumers can see all the local grub options on Just Eat, or on Deliveroo, or even on Uber Eats. 

Hungry mobile phone users are signing up apace, attracted to the convenience of choosing their food and paying for it all in one place. 

Deliveroo’s employment model may limit the firm in the future as riders are self-employed 

‘They can’t always service demand as they don’t employ so can’t demand riders to come out and deliver. An Uber merger would solve this as although the drivers are not employees, some are already out on the road and so the availability of delivery workforce is likely to be better,’ the lawyer explains.   

One thing is clear: Just Eat cannot afford to make any mistakes this year and must deliver. 

Mixed annual results helped lift its shares to £7.60 last week, up from uncomfortable 12-month lows. But that’s still a far cry from the £8.90 highs last seen a year ago.