TalkTalk customers in threat to WalkWalk amid new £4 monthly charge for TV service  

Many disgruntled TalkTalk customers are refusing to pay a new £4 monthly charge the telecoms provider has introduced for its TV service.

The fee was introduced last month and automatically added to bills. But some customers are pushing back against the decision by opting out of the revamped TV service which offers ‘entertainment extras’ and an ‘on-the-go’ service via a mobile app. 

By doing this, they keep the YouView plug-in box from their original deal and retain access to more than 70 basic free channels as well as features such as pause and rewind live TV. Some customers are unhappy about the new charge being injected into their bills mid-contract.

Charge: Many disgruntled TalkTalk customers are refusing to pay a new £4 monthly charge the telecoms provider has introduced for its TV service

One person complaining online via TalkTalk’s customer forum says: ‘I am a little disappointed to see this charge as I believed when I signed up to the deal there would be no price increases in my contract.’

TalkTalk says the fixed-price element of customer contracts only covered broadband so it had the right to start charging for TV. 



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It adds: ‘We’ve been investing heavily in our TV service over the past two years to deliver large-scale tech updates and product innovations that bring real benefits to the customer experience, as well as adding more great content. 

‘Whilst making such improvements has resulted in a price change, TalkTalk TV continues to offer fantastic value for money.’ 

It advises anyone who believes they have been billed incorrectly to call customer services on 0345 1720088 or contact the company online via ‘live chat’.

Bundle deals, from all providers, comprising TV, phone and broadband can cost anywhere between £300 and £1,300 in the first year as a new customer. 

For help in comparing deals use a comparison website such as Or for help in negotiating cheaper prices with an existing provider, try

New rules introduced by Ofcom mean customers must now be told before they sign a new contract what broadband speed they can expect and be given a minimum guaranteed speed. 

If performance falls short, providers have one month to rectify it before allowing a customer to break free from a contract without penalty. This right applies to landline and TV packages bought at the same time as broadband.