The journey took a touch longer than expected, but it’s the right destination for two rail | The Crusader


Compensation from various operators is available under National Rail Conditions of Carriage Rules (Image: Getty )

Stephen Tennison and his wife were heading for home one morning when they climbed aboard the TransPennine Express at Liverpool Lime Street at 8.20 am, but arrived in Hull close to 2 pm.

The ride took over an hour longer than schedule so they were confident it qualified for a refund under the rail companies’ compensation scheme, commonly known as ‘Delay Repay’.  

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While not all operators belong to the scheme, TransPennine, part of FirstGroup, does, and the terms enable claims no matter why a train was delayed. 

If arrival is between 30 minutes to an hour late 50 per cent of the ticket price is returned and if more than an hour that becomes a full refund.

Stephen paid £77.90 altogether and duly sent in his claim including the ticket evidence which is essential. 

But three months later he told Crusader: “I’ve emailed several times and called. I got an acknowledgement, but that has been all.” 


Passengers are entitled to 50 percent of the single ticket price after an hour’s delay (Image: Getty)

Whether the claim had been derailed or just stuck in a siding, it was time to get it back on track we thought and asked TransPennine to investigate.

It did responding very fairly with a full refund and also adding two complimentary first class tickets for the now happy couple, who thanked Crusader, to use as they wished.  

It’s also worth rail passengers noting that aside from Delay Repay, whose terms are the best for consumers, compensation from other operators is also available under National Rail Conditions of Carriage rules.

In this case, so long as it is not the operator’s fault – for example bad weather, entitlement is 50 per cent of the single ticket price after an hour’s delay, 25 per cent of a return, and 50 per cent of the price if delays of more than an hour occurred on both journeys.