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Customers who have bought a faulty car can reject the vehicle within 30 days (Image: Getty)

JAN CARTON, consumer expert at Citizens Advice, advises:

“Customers who have bought a faulty car from a trader can reject the vehicle within 30 days under rules set out in the Consumer Rights Act.

“However, if the buyer notices a fault and puts the car into a garage to get repaired, this 30-day period is paused while mechanics attempt to fix the problem.

“If a motorist decides to reject the car because the repair doesn’t solve the problem and it’s still within the extended 30-day period, the trader must provide a full refund.”

For more guidance call the Citizens Advice helpline: 03454 04 05 06 

Where a consumer has bought a car through hire purchase, the Financial Ombudsman Service can consider complaints about whether or not the car was of satisfactory quality. 

It says: “If there is a safety issue that prompts a recall for that particular model, this might indicate the car was not of satisfactory quality, especially if the consumer had experienced the issues highlighted in the recall. Even if the consumer had not experienced these problems, we may still find the car was not of satisfactory quality.

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“As part of our process, we would also look to see what the business had done to put things right. But we would need to look at the individual circumstances around each case to make a decision on what’s fair and reasonable.  

If consumers are having problems with cars they acquired through finance including recalls or other general faults, and they’re unhappy with how the issues have been resolved, they can contact us.”  0800 023 4567,

Check when you a buying a second hand motor if the dealer or garage is a member of The Motor Ombudsman ( which has an arbitration service. Buying on finance gives you the most potential protection though, should you get landed with a dud because if The Financial Ombudsman rules in your favour you are far more likely to get a resolution that reflects both your outlay and the inconvenience you will doubtlessly have suffered. 

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