We reveal how swapping to energy efficient household items could save you hundreds of pounds a year 

As the cost of energy creeps up and more of us become conscious of our carbon footprint, many savvy households are looking at ways of cutting back. 

One way to ensure that you are paying less in the long run – and helping the environment at the same time – is to switch to more energy efficient appliances.  

Households could save, for example, £113 a year – simply by switching to a more efficient fridge freezer. 

Technology has improved leaps and bounds in recent years with a focus on making appliances more environmentally friendly. 

Savings: Could switching your fridge freezer save you money in the long-run?

Using a D-rated dishwasher costs, on average, £86 a year for typical usage whereas an A+++ rated has an average typical usage of £39.

This is a difference of £47 a year. Within nine years, you would make up the cost of buying a new A+++ rated dishwasher – as well as helping the environment at the same time. 

Switching to an A+++ dishwasher will also half your energy usage from 462 kWh per year to just 208.  

A new, typical A++++ rated washing machine costs roughly £299. The annual cost of using a D-rated washing machine comes in at £62 a year, whereas an A+++ rated one only uses £28, a difference of £34. 

KWH USED BY APPLIANCES EACH YEAR BY ENERGY EFFICIENCY Appliance kWh/year by Energy Rating for typical usage Energy efficiency
rating A+++ A++ A+ A B C D Washing Machine 150 174 197 227 257 291 334 Dishwasher 208 240 273 314 356 402 462 Fridge 72 90 122 192 212 232 – Fridge Freezer 206 270 339 408 612 816 – Based on a unit rate of 0.19p per kWh        Source: Energy Local             

Switching to a new A+++ rated machine means you could make up the cost of using an old appliance in eight years and seven months. 

In the long run, this is not a huge amount of time and could save you hundreds of pounds in the future. 

It will also cut your energy usage by over half – from an average usage of 334 kWh per year to just 150.  

A typical fridge, with an A++ rating, costs £149 on AO.com with an average usage of £17 a year. 

This is compared to £43 a year for a C-rated appliance, a difference of £26. 

This means it would take just over five and a half years before the cost of a new fridge would be made up in full. 

You will also be saving over three times as much energy – cutting down from 232 kWh per year to only 72 – a huge difference. 

On AO’s website, the only available appliances are with an A or above rating, which the firm said it implemented after realising that energy efficiency had become more important to it’s customers. 

This is something a number of other electrical firms have also decided to take on board, although it is not legally compulsory.  

How much you could save a year by switching appliances 

If you are living in a household full of old appliances with low energy efficiency, you could save money in the long-run by replacing them with newer, more energy efficient, models. 

Switching from a D-rated to an A+++ rated washing machine could save you £34 a year on your typical yearly energy bill. 

Changing from a D-rated to an A+++ rated dishwasher could also save you £47 annually.

Swapping to an A+++ rated fridge freezer, from a C-rated, could bring you savings of £113 per year while moving from a C-rated fridge to an A++ rated one could save you £26 each year. 

Altogether, if you changed all of these appliances, you could save up to £220 on energy bills. 

You would also be saving 1208 in kWh of energy per year – making a substantial difference to the environment – as well as your savings.